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Is it raining in your living room? Is your ceiling bubbling? Leaking? Water leaks are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They not only damage or destroy your belongings, if left unchecked a ceiling leak can damage the structure of your home as well. What to do when you have a ceiling leak?

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How much money is getting flushed down your toilet? Does your toilet flush just fine, but it doesn’t know when to quit? Perhaps it stops running and then starts up again suddenly, or constantly leaks into the bowl. With record droughts around the world, using water efficiently is becoming increasingly important. Toilet efficiency has improved substantially … Read More

The hardest part of a home renovation might be finding a contractor that is delivers quality work on time and on budget. A major home renovation project can be a dream come true or a nightmare that costs you more money than you planned. The key is to make sure all … Read More

Have you been putting off some seemingly hard-to-handle home improvement projects? If so, there’s still time to tackle do-it-yourself tasks like a home improvement pro – from painting high ceilings and stairwells to repairing garage and basement floors. With the right tips and tools, you can accomplish these home improvements … Read More

Bathroom paint colors are so tricky because of the lack of natural light in the bathroom. Nothing can alter a paint color faster than overhead artificial bathroom lighting. When it comes to choosing bathroom paint colors, it is crucial to look at paint cards and samples … Read More

Already this year, we’ve set records for low temperatures threatening to send utility bills skyrocketing. While you can’t do anything about the chilly weather, you can take steps to make your home more energy efficient and pay less for heating.

Homeowners should start with smaller tweaks to their home before making big-ticket … Read More

When you’re at home, where do you hang out? If you’re like most people it’s the “kitchen”. It’s where countless good times are shared over family dinners, where important conversations often take place as mom or dad prepares a meal for the family, and where the details of the school … Read More

A home improvement scam is among the most common consumer complaints. Consumers complain about shoddy workmanship, “fly-by-night” contractors who take payments and don’t show up to do the work, and companies that pressure homeowners into expensive, unneeded repairs.Adding a room, renovating a basement, or doing some much-needed repairs? You can save time, … Read More

When buying or selling home, you want to make sure that the property is valued fairly and accurately, as well as ensuring that it is in the best possible condition. To do so, a potential home seller and home buyer … Read More

Manufacturers, utility companies and HVAC professionals recommend you schedule an air conditioning tune-up this summer. Why? Because they can reduce equipment breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower utility bills by up to 25%!
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What To Do When You Have a Ceiling Leak

What To Do When You Have a Ceiling Leak

What To Do When You Have a Ceiling Leak