Contractor Questions

1. Are there any annual/monthly fees that I must pay in order to be in the 3FreeBids contractor network?
No- We do not charge any fees to sign up or register for our program. You only pay for the leads that you decide to purchase.

2. Why should I choose your marketing program over other means of advertising?
If you are using other advertising mediums such as the Yellow Pages, Direct Mailings, Print Advertising, etc., you are probably spending a lot of money upfront for ads that are generating calls from consumers that may or may not be qualified for the services that you offer. You pay a fixed rate for this advertising and don’t know how many calls you will get. When you do get a call you (or your employees) may be wasting valuable time talking to customers that are not really interested in your services.
• With 3FreeBids you will spend less time on the phone and more time giving estimates for projects that you have previewed.
• You only purchase the leads that you want. There are no minimum requirements.

3. How much do estimate appointments cost?
Depending on the trade and the project description, the cost of a lead is between $12-$42.

4. Will I always be bidding against 2 other contractors?
No, sometimes you will only bid against 1 other contractor and on occasion you will be the only contractor bidding a job.

5. How will I get jobs if I am bidding against 2 other contractors?
Most consumers will not make a decision on a project until they have been given an opportunity to compare different contractors. The customers that we send you to will be ready to make an informed decision. We create a level playing field by only working with licensed and insured contractors that are in good standing with the state board.

You will not get every job, but suppose you are a painter that buys 10 leads from us at a cost of $28 per lead. Let’s say that the average estimate is $3500 and you close 20% or 2 of the deals. You paid $280 for $7000 worth of business and you didn’t pay anything until you previewed and purchased the lead.

6. Why do you offer the customer 3 free bids instead of 2 or 4?
For most people 3 bids seems to be the magic number. With 3 bids a consumer is generally feels that they are able to comfortably make an informed decision on a project.

7. Am I required to purchase a certain amount of appointments each month?
No. You simply choose the leads that you would like to purchase and pay for them at that time. We do not automatically send you anything. We do not charge upfront fees or ongoing fees.

8. I already use another lead company, why should I use 3FreeBids?
We are much more flexible than most of our competitors. We DO NOT have monthly minimums and have a much better resolution process regarding any “bogus” leads.

In addition, most of our competitors that sell leads generate their leads via online forms. Many times the leads may be worthless due to the fact that they have not been qualified or screened. We DO NOT schedule an appointment unless we personally speak to the potential customer on the phone.


9. What do you mean by guaranteed?
If you purchase a lead from us and it turns out to be a lead with incorrect contact or project information you will receive a full refund or credit (you choose).

10. What are the requirements to join the 3FreeBids network?
First of all you must be a licensed contractor in good standing with the state board. Secondly, you must provide us with proof of commercial liability insurance and workman’s comp (if applicable). Lastly, we expect you to be professional and courteous on any estimate that you purchase from us.

11. I’m still not sold, why should I sign up?
It’s free to sign up and you get to preview the leads for free. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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    Contractor Questions

    Contractor Questions

    Contractor Questions